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Flexible, cost effective cooling & heating with Eurapo Fan Coil Units

We supply the cost effective, technically advanced and flexible range of Eurapo fan coil units and controls at competitive prices. The units, along with their many control and accessory options, can be used to provide comfortable environmental conditions in most building environments. Eurapo fan coil units can be supplied with or without casings, concealed or low body, for siting in restricted areas. A wide range of colours and accessories are available. Options include analogue and digital controls, valves sets, additional coils and plenums. There are a variety of control options, covering thermostats, remote controls, electronic controls and so on, all of which are factory assembled and tested.

Chilled beams for high quality indoor environments from Cosy of Sweden

Our range of chilled beams is manufactured by Cosy of Sweden and covers both active and passive chilled beam types. Chilled beam and chilled ceiling products using high temperature water can create an ideal environment in most commercial and industrial applications. Operation of the chilled beam is based on natural convection and is self-regulating. By absorbing heat, the passive chilled beams maintain room temperature at an even and comfortable level. Air velocity increases or decreases in relation to the heat load within the room. This ensures high quality comfort with a minimum risk of draught. The beams are silent in operation. The new types of active chilled beams have been developed to provide high cooling capacity within an attractive and compact modern design. With the different types and functions of beams available, it is possible to find the right beam for every application. All Cosy products are tested and validated to the respected NordTest method. Cosy production is certified to ISO 9001

Variable Air Volume (VAV) units – for new or retrofit projects

VAV systems are considered to be the terminal device of choice in the US market, but are considered something of a speciality in the UK, there are however many existing UK installations that require replacement, refurbishment or control modernisation... We offer the Enviro-Tec range of products for use in new or retrofit projects. They offer:

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