Our commitment to sustainability

The UK government has set “the world’s most ambitious climate change target” to cut emissions by 78% by 2035 compared to 1990 levels and then reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

Achieving these challenging aims – and therefore boosting the HVAC sector’s sustainability – will require the development of ever cleaner technologies, something that Klima-Therm knows all about.

We are committed only to supplying the most sustainable products, including the award-winning heat pump technology and energy efficient cooling we are able to offer thanks to our strong links with a host of leading HVAC manufacturers.

Sustainable products

We pride ourselves on working with industry-leading manufacturers at the cutting-edge of sustainability. For example, the Enerblue HP90 heat pump – a single stage/single source of high temperature hot water production – uses CO2; a natural refrigerant gas, which avoids to use of harmful F Gases while ensuring efficiency and sustainability.

The extensive Enerblue range allows the production of high temperature Domestic Hot Water (DHW) with an impressive coefficient of performance of 3.2.

Klima-Therm also supplies the complete range of top-quality split and multi-split air conditioning systems from Gree UK, the world’s largest air conditioning manufacturer. Gree has proven environmental credentials, having been named joint winner of the prestigious Global Cooling Prize; a ground-breaking innovation competition designed to develop a climate-friendly residential cooling solution.

Gree’s ‘Zero Carbon Source’ cooling technology exploits renewable energy and free cooling sources. The vapour compression refrigeration system uses an ingenious compressor with a low GWP refrigerant in conjunction with improved design of evaporator and evaporative condenser to control indoor temperature and relative humidity more efficiently. And, because the technology is photovoltaic direct-driven, it lowers electricity consumption.

Air Handling Unit (AHU) innovation comes courtesy of Rhoss, which has developed industry-leading modular AHUs with extremely high efficiencies thanks to perfectly fitting insulated panels and a single-piece structure to guarantee the best possible air leakage standard – tightness class L1 – and thermal transmittance class T2.

When it comes to chillers, partner Engie Refrigeration has developed the award winning Quantum Water Cooled chiller – the most efficient product of its type on the market. It is the only chiller series currently available with an open-flash economiser integrated as standard in all 47 versions, ensuring maximum efficiency across the range of cooling performance.

Sustainable business practices

A successful sustainability strategy demands a multi-pronged approach beyond the products themselves, and that is why Klima-Therm has also introduced a host of initiatives designed to strengthen its sustainability credentials.

We are covered both by ISO14001 environmental management certification and Sedex supply chain visibility.

ISO14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system.

Sedex supply chain visibility, meanwhile, has a strong focus on sustainability as the foundation of responsible sourcing. It allows companies to identify, mitigate and prevent risks, helps them comply with legislation, and supports human and environmental rights due diligence efforts.

Moreover, as a member of the SafeContractor scheme, Klima-Therm helps create a more sustainable workplace by to demonstrating health and safety competency and increasing the transparency of its supply chain.

Sustainable operations

But Klima-Therm’s sustainability initiatives do not stop with accreditations. We have an extensive recycling programme to mitigate the use of raw materials, and have recently replaced all of our lighting, including that in the factory, with environmentally friendly LED lights.

Furthermore, Klima-Therm has adopted a policy of only buying electric company vehicles and we are installing charging points for these.

Finally, our Head Quarters are saving energy and reducing carbon emissions thanks to a bank of 136 solar photovoltaic panels producing 49kW of clean, free, renewable energy which can be used by the factory or exported back to the electricity grid depending on consumption requirements.