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Efficient heating & cooling for medical research & manufacturing facility


Gree heat pump VRF condensing units & AHUs for medical manufacturer

A global medical research and manufacturing facility that is advancing the world of health by improving discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care, has had GREE Heat Pump VRF condensing units connected to AHUs installed to provide energy efficient cooling and heating.

The company provides innovative solutions that help advance medical research and genomics, enhance the diagnosis of infectious disease and cancer, improve medication management, promote infection prevention, equip surgical and interventional procedures and support the management of diabetes.


BD medical Gree 9
Medical AHUs

Project overview

Six GREE Heat Pump VRF condensing units were installed connected to four AHU-kits with DX coil connection.

Each AHU provides 11.3m3/s to the manufacturing space under a positive pressure, with fresh air make-up via a mixing box. The AHU’s contain H10 HEPA filtration to ensure the laboratory is kept clean and hygienic, preventing contamination of the medical products.


The AHUs include unequal capacity DX coils. - Circuit 1 connected via 1 x GMV-N560U/C-T AHU-KIT with 1 no GMV-450WM/B-X & 1 x GMV-335WM/B-X providing a total rated capacity of 78.5kW - Circuit 2 connected via 1 x GMV-N280U/C-T AHU-KIT with 1 no GMV-450WM/B-X providing a total rated capacity of 45.0kW

Electronic controls

The AHUs contain an electric control panel that monitors the return air temperature and provides the desired thermal output via the GREE condensing units and AHU dx coils.

There is also full BMS control via the AHU control panel with remote dial-in and GREE XK46 wired controllers fitted for engineer service access.


BD medical Gree 11
BD medical Gree 10

Back-up heating

Supplementary electric heating is provided if one of the GREE Heat Pumps VRF condensing units enters defrost mode.

Features & benefits

  • High efficiency – the GREE systems have an EER of 3.94 and CoP of 4.16
  • Close control of temperatures
  • Easy installation and small footprint
  • Simple to understand controls and operation
  • GREE UK and Klima-Therm have provided full schematics and system specifications
  • On-site training support and commissioning
  • 5-year warranty and service support via LH-PLC (24hr callout)
  • Critical spares supply (if client requires)

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