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Major Chiller Installation for the Royal Albert Hall



In 2014, Klima-Therm successfully delivered a major chiller installation project for the Royal Albert Hall, one of the world’s most iconic buildings.

In the heart of Kensington over-looking Hyde Park, the project within the Grade I listed building presented a number of challenges, due in part to the logistics of access, and the key requirement to preserve the structural integrity and fabric of the building.

The project, specified by WSP and principal project consultant Logi-Tek, involved installing two high-performance, high-efficiency Danfoss Turbocor-based chillers as part of a major upgrade and retrofit. They replaced an aging single York chiller that had come to the end of its operational life while providing additional cooling capacity.

Outstanding efficiency

The 2no. vibration-free, ultra-efficient units operate on ozone-friendly R134a refrigerant and have a cooling capacity of 400kW each.

Turbocor chillers were chosen for their outstanding efficiency and compact footprint, and their ability to deliver high part-load efficiencies despite slightly elevated condenser water temperatures in the application.

The chillers, ordered from Klima-Therm direct by the Royal Albert Hall, had to be positioned within a plant room located below ground level, at Basement Level B2, which required careful planning and execution by the project team. Klima-Therm carried out the chiller lift and positioned the units for connecting up by specialist pipe contractor Merit Merrel.

“The project involved installing two high performance, high-efficiency Danfoss Turbocor chillers as part of a major upgrade and retrofit.”

Basement shaft

The first stage required the pavement level access area to be cordoned off, to ensure safety for members of the public and building staff. Steel gratings securing the basement shaft were then removed and a temporary handrail installed.

Chain blocks and slings were used to lift the chillers in turn and lower them down through the vertical open shaft. On reaching basement level B4 at the bottom of that shaft, the machines were carefully maneuvered through a tight plant room to an opening in the floor, where two gantries were then used to lower them to the next floor down.


The chillers were then moved on skates to the last lifting point. The client’s certified lifting beam installed on the ceiling of the plant room at level B2 was used with chain blocks to lift the chillers from level B5 up to the plant room on B2, and into their final position.

Chiller installation

The chillers are used to cool the Grand Tier, the Second Tier and the main auditorium seating area and they reject their heat to indoor dry air coolers.

Chiller installation took just two days, while the complete services refurbishment project took 12-months, including the renewal of all chilled and low-temperature hot water pipework throughout in stainless steel.


“Since being commissioned, the system has performed reliably and efficiently. Klima-Therm’s sister company LH plc is responsible for ongoing service and maintenance.”


The 2no. vibration-free, ultra-efficient chillers operate on ozone-friendly R134a refrigerant and have a cooling capacity of 400kW each. They are water-cooled, connected to dry air coolers.




Since being commissioned, the system has performed reliably and efficiently. Energy savings of around 50% are anticipated for the project, in keeping with typical savings seen with all other Turbocor projects.

Klima-Therm’s sister company LH plc is responsible for ongoing service and maintenance at the historic site.

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