Air Con and Insects

Insects can be a nuisance when it comes to air conditioning units. Once they’ve infiltrated your AC ducts, it’s inevitable that they will find their way into your home or workplace. No one wants them getting into food, or biting people and pets.

Insects are always looking for places to live, where they can access water and food. They may be attracted to your home by the smell of cooking through the air conditioner ducts, or it could be there’s water dripping from the compressor hose.

What types of insects can invade your AC?

Various types of insects can find their way into your air con. One of the most common is the cockroach. Due to its body shape, it can squeeze through even tiny cracks. Cockroaches love cool, dark places, so they may even nest in the ducts. You may hear them scurrying about, which is bad enough, but you certainly won’t want them in your home!

Another invader is the spider, which may get into vents, ductwork and your indoor AC unit if you don’t keep these areas clean. While spiders in the house can simply be a nuisance in the UK, especially if you have a phobia of them, they can be a major health hazard in some countries, where poisonous spiders are prevalent.

Dust mites can live inside undisturbed tight spaces in the home, including your air con system. They can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Female mosquitoes may seek out undisturbed AC units to lay their eggs and they can enter your home through the vents. Ants may invade your AC system too – remember, insects don’t need to fly to find their way in.

Earwigs may also be an AC invader, as they are nocturnal creatures that like cool, dark conditions. Although this may sound like a horror story, the simple way to keep all of these insect invaders out is by having your ductwork maintained and cleaned regularly.

Do insects affect the AC’s performance?

Bugs can cause problems with indoor air quality. Any insects that nest, such as ants, can prevent parts of the AC unit from operating properly. They can also short your electrical connections. This can cause performance issues, affecting the unit’s energy efficiency, while over time, if untreated, it can cause the unit to shut down altogether.

If you try to treat infestations yourself, this can cause issues, as you should never use pesticides. Going to the shop and buying an insect spray is the usual reaction, but you shouldn’t spray inside your AC ducts with pesticide, as this can cause the fumes to spread through your home the next time you turn on the air conditioning. This could make you and your pets ill.

How do you get rid of insects?

Keeping your AC unit properly cleaned and maintained can help to stop insect invaders in the first place. While your ducts are clean, you can install very fine wire mesh over the duct openings. This will allow the air to come through, while keeping the insects out.

If you haven’t had your AC system cleaned and maintained regularly, you may already have insects inside. The solution is to have the ducts professionally cleaned. Don’t have a DIY disaster by tackling it yourself! Professional duct cleaning will remove insects and any droppings they may have left behind, leaving your system running efficiently.

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