Maintenance is a critical activity in any machinery with moving parts because it reduces the likelihood of equipment malfunction or breakdown which saves money and prevents business disruption.

Maintenance is also a major factor in quality assurance, extends the life of components, and can lead to significant energy savings.

Recognising the importance of servicing and maintenance, Engie Refrigeration – through its distributor, Klima-Therm – guarantees its customers maximum efficiency and economy with its cooling and heating systems by offering secure online help with this vital service.

The company’s digital cloud services monitor, control, and optimise maintenance processes by connecting its Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled machines to the Engie cloud and to its CoolCare 4.0 online platform.

Supporting predictive maintenance

CoolCare 4.0 reduces costs thanks to its ability to support predictive maintenance and offers greater system availability through optimised service processes. It also maximises data security via multilevel safety protocols.

Tim Mitchell, sales director of Klima-Therm, explains: “With digital cloud services, your options for optimised machine operation go far beyond what has, until now, been possible. This is because continuous evaluations and reports improve transparency.

“In addition, the machine’s internal status data – from operating hours and efficiency values to energy reports and weather data – are stored and then transmitted automatically and continuously to CoolCare 4.0 via a secure connection.”

Indeed, data protection is the top priority. Mr Mitchell again: “A multilevel safety concept in line with current standards guarantees reliable data protection and prevents unauthorised access.”

Senad Handanovic, head of control engineering at Engie Refrigeration, adds: “We want to offer our customers the best service in the industry. That’s why we develop innovative digital cloud services that set new standards and offer new opportunities relating to the operational reliability, availability, and efficiency of chillers and heat pumps. Naturally, data protection is our highest priority here. Our customers can absolutely rely on that.”

The CoolCare 4.0 online platform offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Lower costs – CoolCare 4.0 significantly reduces the service deployments required by a system. In addition, short reaction times reduce machine downtimes, and can even eliminate them completely in some cases, thus saving money.
  • Operational reliability – Engie keeps an eye on its customers’ systems with CoolCare 4.0, monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This prevents failures and ensures higher levels of operational consistency.
  • Transparency – CoolCare 4.0 provides operating data in near real time, which customers can view anywhere and at any time.
  • Sustainability – Engie’s assistance comes in the form of green cooling and heat generation so, with CoolCare 4.0, customers can increase the efficiency of their chillers or heat pumps and achieve even greater sustainability.
  • Convenience – CoolCare 4.0 is quick and easy to obtain: the relevant hardware for a secure connection is already integrated in the Quantum water chiller; next on the list are the Quantum air chiller and thermeco2 high-temperature heat pump. CoolCare 4.0 can also be easily retrofitted in other Engie models.
  • Accessibility – Customers can display operating data for a chiller or heat pump easily and conveniently on the online dashboard. This function is especially useful if they operate multiple machines in different locations because CoolCare 4.0 provides a detailed overview of all the locations in one place.
  • Speed – If an abnormality occurs in a system, CoolCare 4.0 will automatically display this information on the dashboard. It will also notify the service experts at Engie Refrigeration who will react promptly.

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