INDUL linear diffusers installed at the Öschberghof resort

Draughts are the scourge of any ventilated space because they can have a dramatic negative impact on the comfort of building occupants as well as wasting energy.

Managing draughts involves a subtle balancing act – allowing air to move in order to achieve the right number of air changes while, at the same time, ensuring the velocity of air currents don’t reach a level that causes distress.

Designing the right technology to achieve draught-free air distribution can be a real challenge. It is a challenge that was met at Öschberghof, an impressive 126-room luxury hotel complex on the edge of the Black Forest in Germany featuring a vast 45-hole golf course, five conference rooms, a ballroom and lavish 5,000m² spa area.

INDUL linear diffusers from Kiefer, and supplied in the UK by Klima-Therm, were installed throughout the resort, including the Esszimmer and Ösch Noir restaurants, and in the hotel’s lobby area. 

The gourmet Esszimmer restaurant features a particularly high gabled roof and there were concerns that this would result in uneven ventilation in the restaurant. To ensure that this didn’t happen, the diffusers are arranged in an unusual configuration as horizontal line elements within the pitched roof. 

Fitting the linear diffusers at different heights enables a consistent flow pattern and uniform ventilation throughout the restaurant. Track lighting between the diffusers continues the linear look to create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing visual impression. 

The focus in the hotel’s lobby area was on the spectacular ceiling design. However, the glass spheres that define the interior led to an unusual brief in terms of the ventilation technology – the need to generate adequate air flow without causing the spheres to move.

INDUL linear diffusers are perfect for this type of application because their ingenious design allows supply air to be divided into fine individual jets which mean it can be distributed into the room at an angle of 45° alternately to the left and to the right. The result is a particularly uniform distribution of air with an optimal diffuse ambient air flow and no noticeable draughts.

The Ösch Noir Michelin star restaurant, meanwhile, features INDUL linear diffusers neatly installed where two different ceiling areas meet. Unobtrusive and visually modest, the INDUL linear diffuser technology offers effective ventilation, even in the centre of the room.

INDUL slimline linear diffusers, which can be installed quickly and easily in exceptionally narrow widths from just 15mm, are available in a range of designs to meet the toughest demands in terms of both ventilation comfort and attractive ceiling design. 

The design of the units is particularly clever. By dividing supply air into fine alternating free jets, the induction of ambient air is intensified. This permits a substantial temperature differential between the ambient air and supply air and, in particular, the use of free cooling. The required cooling capacity is reduced to a minimum.

Energy efficiency is further improved by aa well-insulated plenum box which dramatically cuts energy losses despite the low temperatures. And thanks to the use of recycled aluminium, the INDUL air diffuser scores highly on lifecycle costs, as evaluated by current certification systems.

The diffusers’ free jet characteristics prevent dirt deposits along the air diffuser, keeping ceilings dust-free for longer.

And INDUL installation accessories enable quick and straightforward installation and adjustment. Indeed, the plug-in system for in-line and single installation has proven its worth many times over. 

Finally, a clever plaster bracket design facilitates installation of INDUL linear diffusers in plasterboard ceilings if required. It also protects the discharge profile during painting and plastering work thanks to the protective strip supplied.