A top health expert, an eminent engineering specialist, a leading HVAC professional, and a senior politician have all pointed to the critical role of ventilation in the battle against COVID19 and other potentially lethal viruses.

Professor Chris Whitty, the government’s chief medical adviser, urged top businesspeople to invest in ventilation at the Confederation of British Industry online conference recently.

Highlighting the direct link between poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and health conditions, he said: “We have realised the extraordinary importance of improving the ventilation of workplaces, not just for COVID but also for many other respiratory infections.

“If we invest in that now, we’ll both help the aftermath of COVID, but also cut down on things like flu outbreaks.”

Meanwhile, distinguished engineer Professor Cath Noakes, a member of the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), has called for a national programme of building ventilation improvements in the wake of COVID19.

She warned: “Many of our buildings are under-ventilated and there is no excuse for it. We know buildings can improve health and that poor indoor air quality reduces productivity by up to 9 per cent – that’s half a working day a week.”

Link between IAQ and respiratory infections

The pandemic has raised the profile of building ventilation and clearly demonstrated the link between poor IAQ and a range of respiratory infections, according to David Frise, chief executive of HVAC contractors’ organisation BESA.

He added: “Improving indoor ventilation reduces the risk of transmitting diseases between people so investment made now will have significant long-term economic and social benefits.”

Finally, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said at the launch of her government’s £25 million fund to help businesses improve the provision of fresh air: “Better ventilation won’t just reduce the spread of COVID, it will also help reduce the spread of other airborne viruses, now and in the future.”

Air movement and IAQ support

There is clearly a broad consensus across sectors and professions that ventilation is important to protect against potentially deadly viruses. But this begs a fundamental question – where should you go for help with your air movement and IAQ needs?

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