Klima-Therm supplies World Energy chillers and heat pumps which use ground-breaking technology to harness waste heat from industrial processes and buildings and convert it into chilled water for process or comfort cooling.

Lauded as the most efficient brand on the market, World Energy chillers are the most effective solution for turning waste heat into usable free cooling, including combined heat, power, and cooling trigeneration schemes. They are also widely used in heat network/district heating applications.


The company’s absorption systems are ideal for use in the chemical, food manufacturing, waste, plastic, gas and oil industries because the industrial processes used in these sectors produce large amounts of heat and require simultaneous cooling.

Thanks to the system’s versatility, Klima-Therm can supply the appropriate unit to satisfy every technology need you may have. The World Energy chiller range comprises variations including exhaust gas-fired, hot water-fired, high delta T hot water, low-temperature hot water, steam-fired and direct-fired options.

For further details of our absorption chillers, contact Klima-Therm on 020 8971 4195 or email us.