The comprehensive range of diffusers supplied by Klima-Therm combines superb functionality with brilliant design to provide the ultimate in comfort with draught free air distribution.


For example, Indul slot diffusers, manufactured by Kiefer and supplied by Klima-Therm, provide consistent air distribution and temperature control without occupants feeling draughts. These versatile units can be integrated into any type of ceiling from as little as 15mm wide.

The ingenious design of Indul linear diffusers allows supply air to be divided into fine individual jets which mean it can be distributed into a room at an angle of 45° alternately to the left and to the right. The result is a particularly uniform distribution of air with an optimal diffuse ambient air flow and no noticeable draughts.

Furthermore, by dividing supply air into fine alternating free jets, the induction of ambient air is intensified. This permits a substantial temperature differential between the ambient air and supply air and the use of free cooling.


Energy efficiency is further improved by a well-insulated plenum box which dramatically cuts energy losses despite the low temperatures. And thanks to the use of recycled aluminium, the INDUL air diffuser scores highly on lifecycle costs, as evaluated by current certification systems.

The diffusers’ free jet characteristics prevent dirt deposits along the air diffuser, keeping ceilings dust-free for longer.


Meanwhile, the Indudrall ceiling air diffuser discharges air from the front panel in a fan-like pattern for optimum ambient air induction.

Shortly after being discharged from the diffuser, the temperature differentials are largely balanced out. The result is a highly turbulent ambient air flow, which is ideal for achieving low ambient air velocities and low temperature differentials.

The air duct elements offer scope for a wide variety of solutions that are optimally adapted to the individual circumstances. Single elements can also be adjusted or replaced after installation if interiors change over time.


Indulclip and Indulclip Z-A ceiling air diffusers combine an excellent level of thermal comfort, a striking design and proven technology.

The large volume of ambient air induced means high cooling loads can be achieved for draught-free interiors to create a comfortable ambient climate in offices, retail properties and hospitals, and other commercial applications.

The Indulclip Z-A product combines extract and diffuser air in a single compact unit for creative ceiling design. It also saves on investment, installation, and maintenance costs.

Finally, Indultherm, Indultherm-E ceiling air diffusers enable comfortable cooling and powerful heating. In cooling mode, the units operate as a highly inductive swirl diffusers; in heating mode, their large penetration depth allows supply air to be delivered far into the room.


For applications where architectural integrity is paramount, CONCRETECOOL provides the ideal solution, utilising free cooling and heat recovery to provide a stable temperature and fresh air all year round. Air diffusers are unobtrusively integrated into the concrete ceiling or corridor partition wall.

Consisting of heat conducting aluminium tubes cast into concrete ceilings in-line with the building grid, supply air initially streams through the cooling tubes, warming the cold supply to air to the same temperature as the ceiling. This air is then fed into the interior via Kieffer air diffusers, providing the necessary fresh air changes.

Discharge air is approximately 21°C without the need for supplementary heating. The process is self-regulating with minimal fluctuations, providing excellent temperature stability due to the high storage capacity of concrete, raising the heat recovery of the air handling system to 95%.

Using air as the cooling medium means there is no risk of freezing during the winter, and maintenance to the cooling tubes will not result in water damage.

When used with INDULSNAP wall diffusers with integrated cross-talk silencers, INDUSILENT, occupants benefit from draft-free air distribution with high levels of sound absorption; ideal for offices.