vrv system

Precise, low energy temperature control

The cutting-edge variable air volume (VAV) systems supplied by Klima-Therm operate by varying the airflow that is delivered to a space. VAV systems have many benefits compared with constant-volume systems, including more precise air temperature control, lower energy consumption, reduced wear and tear, and lower noise. VAV systems can also provide additional passive dehumidification.

Klima-Therm offers the full range of industry-leading Enviro-Tec products for use in both new and retrofit projects, including:

  • Single-duct system constant volume terminal, or variable volume terminal suitable for airflows of up to 4m3/sec.
  • Fan-powered parallel and series flow terminals from 100 to 1,200 litres per second.
  • Low height models.
  • Factory-fitted analogue or digital controls.
  • Variable volume airflow measurement stations and retrofit valves.


The whisper-quiet terminals, which meet the AHRI Standard 880 and are ETL listed, are designed to deliver air accurately throughout their entire operating range.