Heat pump AHUs for displacement ventilation & air conditioning

Our zero defrost fully packaged AHUs range from 0.5 to 24 cu m/s, ideal for displacement ventilation and other air conditioning applications.

Uninterrupted supply air temperature

The zero defrost system ensures uninterrupted supply air temperature in winter, with no need for a defrost cycle.

An innovative three-coil design allows air to be returned effectively during winter heat pump operation, and incorporates heat recovery that is active all year round.

A heat rejection coil situated after the heat recovery device provides some heat dissipation without affecting heat recovery.

Displacement ventilation

This unit is ideal for displacement ventilation applications as it is capable of providing a constant summer/winter supply air temperature (+/- 1K tolerance) due to the three-coil design and a variable speed drive scroll compressor.

This unit can be adapted to most applications, particularly where space is a premium – only ductwork, electrics and an optional BMS connection are required.