HTM AHUs for hygienic applications

Klima-Therm’s range of HTM air handling units are the perfect option for hygienic applications, such as hospitals, intensive care, pharmaceutical laboratories and clean rooms.

Including cleanable and/or accessible drain trays and components made from materials selected for the latest hygiene, HTM regulations and local environments, there is also the option to incorporate the latest ECM fan technology to minimise carbon footprints.

HTM AHUs available include Clima Tech’s MultiCOMPACT and MultiCLEAN. MultiCOMPACT units can also be used in industrial applications such as in production facilities and wherever high-quality air conditioning solutions are required.

Compact AHU models are supplied ready for installation. The units’ frames are made of galvanized hollow sheet-steel profiles with plastic corner connections. Inside, the unit is made of galvanized steel, sealed and insulated with mineral wool. Outside, the panels are coated in RAL shade 5012.


The air handling units feature a digital control system for temperature and humidity, and speed controller for supply and exhaust fans.

Compact air handling units come with an integrated refrigerant section that guarantees exceptionally high energy saving performance. Supply air ceilings and outlet systems are provided in various configurations according to DIN 1946/4 or ON H6020 standards.


All units are supplied ready for installation. Standalone solutions are available with external condensers, R410A or R513A refrigerant, external humidifier and customised controls.

The outside and supply air section of the units contains a G4 filter cassette and includes a differential pressure switch as well as heat recovery, cooling and heating heat exchanger sections with materials selected to enhance corrosion resistance.

These units can also feature an electrical steam humidifier, steam distributor and drain pain. Fan sections have traditionally incorporated backward curved fans, but the latest ECM fan technology has meant we can offer space saving solutions, with reduced fan drive losses and increased motor efficiency.

All units can be fitted with a terminal filter, with optional HEPA grade filtration levels, differential pressure switch and magnahelic gauges.

A full controls package is included, providing the relevant signals to any external condensers or chillers to ensure continuous supply of thermal output. These controls come with BACnet or MODBUS interface to BMS. A GSM modem link can also be provided for remote monitoring of the equipment.

Humidity control for clean room industries

Humidity control is required for many manufacturing processes, for example pharmaceutical, foods and battery manufacturing. In order to meet some very low humidity targets for these types of applications it is necessary to use a desiccant drying solution, where a special heat wheel is used to extract moisture from the supply air.

This type of process typically requires an electric steam or similar heat source to activate the drying process.

Low moisture, high efficiency

Our partner, Saiver, has a single wheel design that will achieve a moisture content of 0.37g/kg using reactivation air at 90oC – lower moisture levels are achievable.

Very low air leakage rates and excellent thermal properties make this unit ideal for clean room applications, ensuring class A+ Eurovent energy efficiency class.

Choose Klima-Therm for unmatched air handling solutions that elevate hygiene, efficiency, and control to new heights. Contact us to explore how our HTM air handling units can transform your critical environment.