Klima-Therm supplies a comprehensive range of ultra-high efficiency heat recovery air handling units from RHOSS with options including horizontal and vertical versions, multi-speed or brushless EC fans, and F7 or M5 filters.

Featuring a double sandwich wall with high insulation capacity, the four units in the range comprises:


This unit includes a very high yield static type recovery unit. The fans are fresh air inlet and forward blade dual intake centrifugal exhaust type with a directly coupled electric motor and the option to include EC brushless technology motors.

The frame is made with an extruded aluminium profile with preloaded nylon joints. Sandwich buffer panels, 23mm thick, are constructed with galvanised sheet steel on the inside and pre-painted on the outside with thermal and acoustic insulation made of injected polyurethane.

Download the UTNR-A Platinum 040÷500 brochure here.


A high yield rotary type recovery unit made of aluminium including a hygroscopic surface and an electric induction motor with belt and pulley transmission. Fans are the same as the unit above with a continuously adjustable directly coupled electric motor or EC brushless technology motors.

An integrated free cooling or thawing by-pass system is included and, thanks to the presence of a motorised damper on the heat recovery side, a bypass system can be created to manage the free cooling or thawing.

Download the UTNR-A Platinum 040÷400 brochure here.

UTNR-HP 035÷450 WITH AN AIR FLOW RATE: 350÷4.500 M3/H

This has a two-stage recovery unit. The first stage features crossed flow air-air static heat recovery with aluminium heat exchanger plates. The second stage is active thermodynamic heat recovery with a heat pump cooling circuit (with R410A gas), comprising:

  • Hermetic compressor (rotary or scroll type depending on the size of the machine)
  • Evaporating and condensing coils with copper pipes and continuous aluminium fins
  • Electronic expansion valve, liquid separator and receiver
  • Four-way valve for cycle inversion
  • High and low-pressure switches
  • Freon filter and liquid indicator.

Fresh air inlet and dual intake centrifugal exhaust type fans are included with a directly coupled electric motor. The frame is made with extruded aluminium profile featuring Anticorodal 63 alloy, with preloaded nylon angular joints.

Download the UTNR-A Platinum 035÷450 brochure here.

VMC-E 025÷130 WITH AN AIR FLOW RATE: 250÷1.300 M3/H

Comprising a galvanised sheet steel self-bearing structure, insulated internally and externally, this unit is a high yield static type heat exchanger. Counterflows consist of flat layers of special paper that allow total heat exchange, thereby recovering both sensitive and latent heat.

Maintenance is easily performed on the heat exchanger and filters thanks to side extraction.

The fans have fresh air inlet and centrifugal expulsion with high efficiency brushless EC motors that result in energy savings of up to 60% compared with traditional motors.

Download the VMC-E 025÷130 brochure here.