Packaged AHU, condenser, chiller, heat pump & control solutions

Klima-Therm can supply VRF condensing units (from Gree UK), conventional DX condensers, two or four-pipe chillers, and Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs), carefully matched with our range of AHU heat exchangers.

By choosing the right combination of equipment, we can ensure the highest energy efficiency levels are achieved. For example, reversible heat pump technology provides more efficient heating production in winter thanks to lower water temperatures.

Technology agnostic controls

Our controls solutions are specifically designed to integrate with all external equipment capable and will actively maximise efficiency and free-cooling to achieve the highest energy efficiency for the client.

With air volumes from 0.4m3/s to 24m3/s the packaged AHU solution can meet almost any air conditioning requirement. When you factor in the availability of a built-in refrigeration system which negates the need for external thermal production, the overall carbon footprint of the AHU will be reduced.

Water-cooled options

It is even possible to incorporate a water-cooled condenser in the AHU for applications that have a bore hole, lake or similar body of water for heat rejection.

Where fixed speed compressors are employed capacity control can be provided by multiple circuits and hot gas bypass. If closer control is required, then a variable speed scroll compressor will be used.