Rhoss swimming pool

Air and/or water cooled swimming pool dehumidifiers

Klima-Therm supplies a complete range of RHOSS air and/or water-cooled centrifugal fan swimming pool dehumidifiers, with scroll type rotary and hermetic compressors, using R410A refrigerant gas.

Each model can include a pre-painted steel roof for either outdoor installation and intake side or opposite side horizontal air delivery.

De-humidifier options

The dehumidifier comes in four versions:

  • DAESY: dehumidifier with 100% pool air side heat exchange.
  • DRESY: dehumidifier with 45% pool water side recovery unit.
  • DTESY: dehumidifier with 100% pool water side recovery unit.
  • DEESY: dehumidifier with 100% pool water side recovery unit and possibility of 100% heat exchange on an external dry cooler.

Supplied with an aluminium base, the frame and load-bearing structure comprise extruded profiles aluminium alloy with a cross section of 40 x 40 mm, thermal cut-type with concealed screws. Sealing gaskets are fitted onto the profile.

Panelling is 25mm double sheet steel (galvanised steel plate on the inside and pre-painted with RAL 9002 on the outside) with hot-injected polyurethane insulation (average density 40 kg/m³).

Factory-fitted accessories include a choice of delivery fans with static pressures between 100 and 500 Pa, using centrifugal or ECM fans, high efficiency F7 bag filters, and a choice of heat exchanger materials.

Heat recovery

The flexibility of the DryPool unit allows for heat recovery from the dehumidification process to provide heating to the swimming pool water. In addition, an external heat rejection condenser can be incorporated to ensure summer cooling is available.

Our team of refrigeration specialists will commission and provide maintenance options for the DryPool refrigeration system.