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Industrial/commercial, air & water cooled and absorption chillers

Chiller units for commercial & industrial applications

Chillers enable heat to be moved from an internal space to an external environment. Klima-Therm has the most complete range of chillers of any supplier on the market.

Where are chillers used?

Commercial chillers used for air conditioning are found in a wide variety of facilities. These include hotels, restaurants, hospitals, high-rise offices, shopping malls, sports facilities, and factories.

Applications for industrial chiller units include injection moulding, tool and die cutting, food and beverage processing including breweries, laboratories, power plants, chemical storage, specialist medical applications such as MRI machines, plating and anodising, machine tool cooling and in semi-conductor manufacturing.

Benefits of industrial and commercial chillers

Chillers provide several significant advantages. The most important of these include:

Excellent heat exchange efficiency which means they occupy less space than competitor technologies such as dry coolers.

Remarkable efficiency – a typical commercial air conditioning system incorporating chillers requires relatively few units to produce optimum results. This, along with the fact that the chillers are centralised, means that they are fast and simple to set up and are easier to maintain than a distributed system. Moreover, water-cooled chiller units offer excellent energy efficiency, including EER values up to 5.30 and outstanding seasonal efficiency SEER values.

Exceptional flexibility – chillers come in various shapes and sizes to suit almost every application. With water-cooled chillers, there are no limits on the amount of water that can be used and how far you can pipe it. The system can be as large or small as you require. Air-cooled chillers are particularly convenient because they can be sited in open spaces such as roofs, car parks, or in outdoor ground-level areas.

We can supply chillers from 5kW to 10MW per machine including low-noise, bespoke machines, low GWP and natural refrigerants, every compressor technology and even absorption chillers.

As a distributor for a number of globally renowned manufacturers, Klima-Therm can find the perfect fit for any given project.

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