CO2 air source heat pumps

CO2 Heat Pumps available from Klima-Therm
The CO2 (carbon dioxide) heat pump range available from Klima-Therm is a cutting-edge heat pump system – a single stage/single source of high temperature hot water production – capable of producing very high temperature for domestic hot water (DHW), sanitary water or for industrial processes.

The systems use CO2 (R744) – a natural gas – making the most of its environmental potential as a refrigerant in terms of efficiency and sustainability.

The units are available in several configurations including air-water, water-water, and air-water with cooling recovery, making them extremely versatile and suitable for installation with any water system.


Among the many benefits of using CO2 as a refrigerant are its high thermodynamic performance and a virtually zero impact on the environment. This’s why choosing a CO2-based system solves any concern relating to international restrictions and regulations applicable to the use of high GWP (global warming impact) refrigerants and helps to preserve a healthy environment by avoiding harmful emissions to the atmosphere.

The systems supplied by Klima-Therm can be used in any commercial or industrial application that requires the sustainable, cost-efficient production of hot water making them an ideal solution for large facilities such as hospitals, hotels, factories, and large housing complexes.

High thermodynamic performance CO2 heat pumps chart

High thermodynamic performance on our CO2 heat pumps.


The Enerblue range offers an exceptionally wide heating capacity from 14.5 to 133.2kW, which makes it ideal for a variety of applications (see below). It is powerful enough to heat water to temperatures up to 90°C with an external temperature of -20°C.

The extensive range of Enerblue CO2 HP90 models allows the production of high temperature DHW with a coefficient of performance (CoP) of 3.2, which translates into significant savings in utility bills.

The version with cooling recovery available in the air to water range can provide simultaneous production of hot and chilled water, boosting energy efficiency.


The Engie range of heat pumps, available from 150 to 1,500kW, is water to water only and more suitable for industrial applications.

Its high temperature heat pumps provide hot water temperatures of up to 110°C. Low heating return temperatures in the so-called ‘transcritical’ CO2 recycle process result in lower energy loss than conventional heat pumps with a subcritical cycle.

Heating processes such as drinking water preparation and process water heating allow low return temperatures and can therefore be implemented with higher-performance CO2 heat pumps.