high temperature heat pump

More sustainable to operate than oil and gas boilers, a high temperature heat pump (HTHP) can dramatically cut carbon emissions compared to traditional fossil-fuel based heating systems. 

Klima-Therm’s range of HTHP’s are easy to maintain and provide the option of delivering heating and cooling at the same time.


High temperature air source heat pump 

Air source high temperature heat pumps are available with different refrigerants like R134a, R1234ze, R513A or R744. Units come equipped with a multitude of accessories, including high efficiency DX evaporators, EC fans and variable speed compressors. 

We can also deliver water source high temperature heat pumps offering the same range of refrigerants and accessories, plus completely bespoke machines, ensuring our clients get the right heat pump solution for their requirements.


Low GWP refrigerants

As the pressure to reduce carbon footprints is increasing, low GWP refrigerants are becoming a must. Klima-Therm can provide heat pump units that use natural refrigerants, with a GWP is 1 and ODP = 0. As well as being more sustainable, low GWP heat pumps require minimal maintenance, are non-flammable and non-explosive.

Our natural refrigerant C02 heat pumps offer flexible solutions, with the option of heating water up to 110-120°C. 


Very high temperature hydronic solutions – BOOSTER

Where very high temperature hot water is needed, we can provide a booster solution, combining the heat pump with a heat recovery system to increase the output temperature.

Thanks to the perfect integration between two tried and tested technologies – the multi-purpose heat recovery units and heat pumps – hot water requirements are met in an optimal way, with minimal environmental impact compared with traditional water heating methods.

Ideal for a wide range of applications from sport centres, offices, schools, hotels, factories, healthcare or industrial, we have the right high temperature heat pump solution for your project!