Promotional graphic for RHOSS air cooled reversible heat pumps. It features a central image of a heat pump unit with a list of features around it: inverter scroll compressor, low GWP natural gas R290, and modular design. The graphic highlights benefits such as modular technology up to 4 units, silent and efficient operation at 79 dB(A), flexibility with 6 configurations, and a reliable solution reaching 80°C.

With a laser-sharp focus on quality and reliability, our world-beating air to water modular heat pumps are supplied with independent 34kW thermal modules which can be connected for an overall performance of 137kW.

Each individual module is a reversible heat pump built for outdoor installation, equipped with scroll compressors in tandem configuration with vapour injection, hydrophilic coil, and energy efficient refrigerant.


The special refrigerant circuit configuration, combined with the flexibility of connecting up to four modules that can be controlled as if they were one, affords perfect performance at both full and partial loads.

Indeed, the large operational range allows the heat pumps to deliver unfaltering performance all year round. They can produce hot water even when ambient temperatures are very low – between -20°C and 40°C.


A combination of an electric board on each module and the management logic system allows the modules to operate in synergy, guaranteeing non-stop, reliable service even if one unit is shut off. This, in turn, ensures optimum comfort, quality and energy efficiency levels in all conditions.

Contact us to discover how we can supply the heat pump for any application. Our highly experienced team of specialists can also offer valuable advice on the complete HVAC system and how to maximise its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Rhoss new Heat Pump range, a naturally eco-friendly solution is available now in the UK!

Modular reversible heat pumps with INVERTER scroll compressor and natural refrigerant R290.

Simplified connection of up to 4 units with integrated sequencer for power coverage from 48 kW up to 190 kW.

✅ Optimised design with R290 natural and non-toxic gas, no F-gas requirements
✅ Low GWP
✅ Modular technology
✅ Low noise operation, units equipped with EC fans
✅ Plus & Play hydraulic equipment
✅ Wide range of accessories and options

✅ High seasonal efficiency in winter conditions
✅ Smart grid contacts
✅ Hot Water production up to 80°C
✅ Integrated anti-legionella cycle management
✅ Heat pumps suitable for a wide range of applications, renovation with replacement of the heating system, integration in the existing boiler heating system.

Ideally applied to new carbon-free systems or to replace traditional boiler systems. Contact us for more information.