Adiabatic dry coolers and adiabatic condensers are the best technology to save resources while maintaining excellent performance during the whole year. They are the optimum solution to increase the efficiency of air systems, reducing water consumption and avoiding the risks associated with its management.

There are essentially three types of adiabatic system:

Lower pressure spray system

A simple, low-cost system which sprays a fine mist of water in the air sucked in by the ventilated machine. This causes the temperature of the air being sucked in to drop, increasing the delta T and as a result, the performance of the ventilated machine.

High pressure spray system

Water is atomised at high pressure from 10 to 80 atmospheres by means of a pump. The resulting micro droplets are much smaller compared to the low-pressure system and the adiabatic effect is greater. Around 85% saturation can be achieved with about a 7 °C drop in air temperature.


An adiabatic system designed for Althermo modular machines where the water passes through and wets a plastic or cellulose panel fixed on the inlet side of the ventilated machine. The air sucked in by the ventilated machine passes through the panel and absorbs the moisture of the water, lowering the temperature.

This can humidify the air up to 94-96%, decreasing air temperature by 9 °C. Moreover, since the water does not come into contact with the finned block, the latter does need any surface treatment, and the system can operate for up to 8,000 hours per year.