Water cooled scroll chiller heat pump on a white background

Klima-Therm offers a range of water cooled scroll chillers and heat pumps with cooling capacities between 5 and 450kW. The smallest model has four compressors and two independent circuits, making it particularly adaptable to most applications.

Whether you are looking for compact units to sit in narrow spaces or alternatives with a single or double pump with high head pressure or a tank for the water system, we can deliver them quickly to suit your tightest deadlines.

Comprehensive accessories

Efficient, reliable and ErP-compliant, the water-cooled units use R410A refrigerant gas to guarantee excellent energy performance and high seasonal efficiency SEER values, as well as EER values up to 5.3.

With unit operations down to -20°C outdoor temperature, the scroll range is available with a comprehensive range of accessories, including soft start device, three-way valve for domestic hot water production, hydronic modules (pump, double pumps, tank and pump set-up), and a free-cooling kit.

Multiple chiller control

Other optional accessories include power factor correction capacitors (cosI > 0.94), interfaces for serial communication with other devices, BMS connection, noise reduction, master/slave control for multiple chillers and double safety relief valves.

Also available are a RHOSS sequencer for integrated management of multiple chillers and RHOSS supervisors for unit monitoring and remote management.

Contact us to discover how we can supply the perfect chillers for any application. Our highly experienced team of specialists can also offer valuable advice on the complete HVAC system and how to maximise its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.