Klima-Therm has launched a pioneering new HVAC solution that offers a winning combination of state-of-the-art desiccant dehumidification technology backed by outstanding first-rate service and support.

Available in a range of distinctive designs for a wide variety of applications, Klima-Therm’s dehumidification equipment offers a range of business benefits including valuable contributions to lean purchasing practices, sustainability, and stock management.

As well as an extensive range of high-performance industrial dehumidification systems that reliably and accurately regulate the amount of moisture in the air, Klima-Therm’s comprehensive service also includes designing/installing dehumidification systems to existing schemes, such as working alongside an air handling unit, or as a standalone system.

Ranald Stewart, regional sales manager at Klima-Therm and the man responsible for the new dehumidification service, said: “As people become more aware of the significant part humidity has to play in the processes for which they are responsible, it’s great to be able to offer a complete air handling service to support our customers.”

He added: “We are delighted to have been able to add humidity control to our range. Our innovative dehumidification solutions are ideal for a wide range of sectors including battery production, data centres, healthcare, the food & beverage sector, drugs & pharmaceuticals, and document storage/archiving in museums.”

Klima-Therm’s desiccant wheel dehumidifiers are particularly appealing because they have a high moisture removal rate and are extremely energy efficient, consuming considerably less energy in comparison to other dehumidifier types.

Their simple design minimises maintenance demands and they require less space. They are also reliable, robust, lightweight, and compact, making them easy to relocate and versatile in terms of applications.

Klima-Therm’s dehumidification equipment can be usefully applied in industries that have to store corrosive parts (car manufacture etc.). It generally aids with equipment longevity in plant rooms etc., paying for itself by extending equipment shelf-life.

In food processing and cold storage, dehumidification is used to prevent condensate which can lead to mould. Dehumidifiers are also used in fridges, cold stores, wine storage, freezers, etc.

Other areas that benefit from dehumidifiers include healthcare and pharmaceuticals, electronics, the printing & paper industry, indoor growing, air handling dehumidification, and batteries.

Mr Stewart concluded: “We want to be in a position to offer our customers a complete value-for-money solution – in other words, to be a one-stop shop for HVAC equipment and services – and this move into dehumidification is a significant step towards achieving this ambitious goal.”

For more information about our dehumidification services, visit: Industrial Dehumidification: Process, Manufacturing & Storage