Klima-Therm offers the complete range of top-quality split and multi-split air conditioning systems from Gree UK, the world’s largest specialised air conditioner company and a global leader in advanced commercial and residential air conditioners.

All Gree UK systems are competitively priced, come with five-year warranty, are backed by a full sales and service support package, and are offered with free next-day delivery.


Gree’s U-Match inverter heat pump is the next generation of outdoor climate control technology. U-Match provides a variety of indoor units offering the freedom to select the best-tailored solution for differing commercial applications.

The ceiling cassette, slim duct, and floor/ceiling units are powerful, adaptable, and engineered to meet individual business needs. These environmentally friendly, energy efficient units come in various sizes to match a wide range of climate control challenges.

The inverter heat pump outdoor unit is whisper-quiet while also delivering powerful and efficient performance. It also eliminates the outdated stop-start methods of typical fixed-speed outdoor units.


The Gree GMV6 All DC Inverter adopts high efficiency DC inverter compressors and DC inverter fan motors. The units can be combined in a modular fashion from 8 to 88HP. Maximum capacity can be up to 246kW. The units have an outdoor quiet mode and high energy efficiency with high performance compressors.


Based in Zhuhai, China, Gree prides itself on integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. The company boasts 300 million users across the world and its products are sold widely across the globe.

With nine production bases around the world – seven in China and another two in Brazil and Pakistan – Gree also boasts 929 laboratories and two national R&D centres. It employs more than 90,000 people including over 14,000 engineers.

For more information, visit gree.uk.com