Engie Spectrum Heat Pump

The pioneering Engie Refrigeration Spectrum Water, supplied by Klima-Therm, is an ultra-high efficiency heat pump designed for industrial and commercial applications or integration into heat networks and district heating in housing developments.

The 12 models in the series boast nominal heat outputs of 350 to 3,100kW, a condenser leaving water temperature of up to 65 deg C, and the choice of four refrigerants – R1234ze, R515B, R513A, and R134a.

Energy efficiency, reliability & quality

The Spectrum Water heat pump offers outstanding energy efficiency, superb operational reliability, and the highest possible quality thanks to a combination of innovative components including oil-free turbo compressors with magnetic bearings, an efficiency-boosting open-flash economiser, and an intelligent Siemens S7 PLC.

Roberto Mallozzi, managing director of Klima-Therm, said: “We are committed to partnering with manufacturers that operate at the cutting edge in terms of technological development and that is why we are happy to work with Engie Refrigeration.

“By developing the unique Spectrum Water heat pump, Engie’s interdisciplinary team has come up with the ultimate ecologically sustainable alternative to heat generators that run on fossil fuels.

“This is particularly important as we seek to move to true carbon neutrality. Thanks to a host of special features, the Spectrum Water series not only meets today’s requirements for the heating supply, but also those of the future.

“Klima-Therm’s guiding principle is to supply HVAC technology that meets the highest standards in terms of economy, efficiency, and sustainability and we have certainly met that principle with Engie’s Spectrum Water heat pump.”

Spectrum heat pump benefits

Among the benefits of the climate-friendly Spectrum Water heat pump are:

  • High efficiency – a unique combination of turbo compressors with magnetic bearing, flooded shell and tube condensers, and the open-flash economiser as standard guarantees maximum seasonal efficiency and performance with a minimal footprint.
  • Reliability – instead of employing a single compressor, overall capacity is split among multiple compressors, which creates redundancies that maximises operational reliability.
  • Smart operation – the brains of the machine are provided by an intelligent and fast Siemens S7 PLC. To increase user-friendliness and serviceability, it will be possible to operate the machine via a 10in or 15in touch panel, in addition to the simple and intuitive operation on a mobile end device via smart control. The SPECTRUM Water also interfaces with Engie’s CoolCare remote maintenance software and a lead and follower machine PLC integrated as standard.
  • Power – with rated thermal outputs of between 350 and 3,100kW and condenser leaving water temperatures of up to 65 deg C, the Spectrum Water offers formidable performance.
  • Flexibility – operating companies can choose between the R1234ze A2L low-GWP refrigerants and the high-efficiency A1 safety refrigerants R515B, R513A and R134a. There is also an extensive package of options and accessories, and the modular condenser design ensures that the machines can be perfectly adapted to the feed and return levels on the user’s premises.
  • Oil-free operation – ensuring stable performance and efficiency throughout the machine’s service life, as no oil deposits can develop in the heat exchangers or in the refrigerant circuit. It also makes for a simple and low-maintenance machine design, as no oil management peripherals are required. Furthermore, there is no need to provide oil receptacles on site and there is no need for labour-intensive oil changes on the compressor saving time and money.
  • Future-proofing – capable of using refrigerants with a lower global warming potential (GWP), the Spectrum Water heat pump is perfect for integration into heating and cooling networks as well as new housing developments and district solutions. It is also ideal for a host of building types from large hotels and hospitals to shopping centres, office complexes, logistics buildings, and airports. Moreover, it can provide low-temperature process heat for manufacturing industry.

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For more information on the Engie Spectrum Heat Pump, visit: www.engie-refrigeration.de/en/heating/spectrum-water-heat-pump