Klima-Therm has picked up the top accolade in the Commercial/Industrial Air Conditioning Product of the Year category at the HVR Awards for the Engie Refrigeration Quantum Water water-cooled chiller.

Economical, sustainable, and climate-friendly, the Engie Refrigeration Quantum Water water-cooled chiller is the most efficient water-cooled chiller series on the market. It is available in 47 versions with a performance range from 200kW to 4MW.

The revised Quantum Water, which incorporates the latest inner tube technology to enhance heat transfer efficiency, employs new components and an innovative control concept.

It is also the only model series on the market with an open-flash economiser integrated as standard in all 47 versions.

The range offers a choice of four different refrigerants – R515B, R134a, R513A and R1234ze – and all machines require less refrigerant than its predecessor series.

Tim Mitchell, sales and marketing director of Klima-Therm, explained: “As well as being the world’s most efficient water-cooled chiller series, the Quantum Water offers ground-breaking digital features. With the innovative new ‘smart control’, a smart user interface (with web-based visualisation) replaces the touch panel that was previously integrated in a fixed position on the machine.

“This allows the chiller to be controlled using a tablet and a wi-fi connection, for example. The result is improved ease of use for operating companies as well as simpler maintenance and servicing.

“At the same time, this feature makes it easier for Engie specialists to perform maintenance and service, which saves time and money.”

Roberto Mallozzi, managing director of Klima-Therm, added: “I am delighted that we have won this latest award with Engie, to add to the many other accolades we have received over the years.

“To be honoured by your peers is especially gratifying and I am so thankful to all the talented people at Klima-Therm and Engie. Winning this award is testament to their dedication, expertise and vast experience.”

The Engie Refrigeration Quantum Water water-cooled chiller features state-of-the-art technical components and optimisations to the microprocessor controls as well as regulation options to provide a significant efficiency boost, particularly when operating under partial load.

The new Quantum Water range can also be supplied with a factory-built weatherproof enclosure, so can even be used in buildings with no plant or machine room.

The Quantum Water is ideal for use in a variety of building services and industrial applications including data centres, hospitals, hotels, large commercial offices, retail developments as well as pharmaceutical, chemical and manufacturing industries.

About Engie Quantum Water Cooled Chiller

The Quantum Water Cooled Chiller is the result of years of extensive R&D, to improve and refine what was already a very good chiller, in order to create the most efficient, low carbon chiller heat pump solution in the UK. In car terms this chiller is a ‘Green Rolls Royce that a kid can safely drive…’ Improvements include:

  • Harnessing incremental gains in all the key facets of the chiller
  • Enhanced range of heat exchangers, using the latest technology with refined tube bunding and falling film technologies
  • Increased selection of Danfoss Turbocor compressors, with wider operating envelopes for optimum operating pressure ratios
  • More efficient open flash economisers vs sub-cooling type
  • Accessing a greater range of oil free Danfoss Turbocor Compressors including the TGS490, specifically developed for using ultra-low GWP R1234Ze and R515B refrigerants
  • 39 chiller models benefit from compressors with extended operating envelopes for higher evaporative refrigerant out let temperatures
  • Latest Siemens Programmable Smart Controls for automatic adaptive EER optimisation
  • HMI – Human Machine Interface – the Siemens controller software also enables quick, easy operator smart device interfacing, with QR code scan for improved operating energy analysis.

For more information about Klima-Therm’s range of water cooled chillers, click here.