Maintaining excellent hygiene and accurate temperature control is critical in the healthcare sector in order to maintain appropriate comfort levels and safety for patients. Rhoss offers a range of exclusive solutions for indoor air quality and fluids production in this sector.

Rhoss maintains a laser sharp focus on supplying exceptional, high quality HVAC solutions for a range of sectors, including healthcare, that exploit sustainable energy in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save its customers energy and money.

“Our entire system of values is based on the codes of sustainability present in our corporate principles.” explains managing director Maurizio Marchesini. “We consider ourselves responsible not only for the financial results of our operations, but also for their social and environmental impact.”

Rhoss was founded in 1968 and quickly established itself as a leader in the production of steel boilers for domestic heating.

In 1971, the company entered the world of air conditioning with the manufacture of fan coils and, subsequently, refrigeration units. It went on to become one of the main players in Europe in the production of chillers; heat pumps; units for simultaneous production of hot, cold, and sanitary water; air treatment units, and fan coils units for private and commercial applications.

During 2019 and 2020, Rhoss effectively renewed its entire product range, improving energy efficiency and significantly reducing consumption in order fully to comply with new European energy-related products directives.

Every one of the company’s state-of-the-art chillers and heat pumps is equipped with eco-friendly, sustainable refrigerants with low global warming potential and low greenhouse gas emissions.

Major sectors in which Rhoss operates include hospitality, schools, universities, and education, the tertiary sector, and healthcare, embracing hospitals, clinics, triage, and other medical facilities.

Following the acquisition of the company by the Nibe group in 2019, Rhoss invested further in its infrastructure so that it is now self-sufficient in the production and processing of sheet metal with its own automatic machining centres, fibre lasers, punching machines, presses, and bending machines. This has significantly improved Rhoss’s competitiveness and delivery time of its air treatment and air quality products in particular.

As well as investing heavily in the processing departments, the company has also introduced a massive intervention plan and lean manufacturing by modifying factory and assembly line layouts and redesigning the flow of materials.

Marchesini outlines the benefits of this: “The investments made in the different departments and in the assembly-line have allowed our company to significantly improve production efficiency, reduce lead time, and improve product quality.”

Exclusive indoor air healthcare solutions

Rhoss takes all the sectors within which it operates extremely seriously, but it has established an especially strong reputation in healthcare by developing exclusive indoor air quality solutions with the utmost attention to hygiene, safety, well-being and health of patients, operators, and users of medical facilities.

In 2020, Rhoss sealed a host of important contracts with hospitals, clinics, and triage in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. By doing so, the company confirmed its market leadership, particularly in those fields where control and management of temperature, accurate air filtration and management of air spare parts are crucial.

Indeed, thanks to the number of orders coming from the health sector, 2020 was an exceptional year for Rhoss’s business results.

Despite the air conditioning sector losing about 5 per cent compared to 2019. according to Assoclima, for the company 2020 was a year of records, both in terms of turnover and of operating income.

In the wake of the good results generated in 2020, and thanks to the continued trust that customers have placed in the company, 2021 brought new records for Rhoss, with a growth of around 20 per cent compared to 2020 and outstanding operating results.

Rhoss is one of Klima-Therm’s industry-leading partners. For more information on all of the manufacturers we work with, visit our partner page.